Secure payment


There are very stringent requirements for companies that have been approved to work with e-commerce. And this is good because it ensures that your customers are secure when shopping on your website. ePay is of course certified according to the PCI standard, which requires compliance with no less than 200 security points.

What is the PCI standard?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - normally called the PCI standard - was set up in 2005 by VISA and MasterCard. The aim was to increase the level of security for online card payments and to ensure the standard was used worldwide. 

The PCI standard defines a long list of requirements for how we and other payment solution providers handle, store and transmit our customers' card details. 

Both Pay and other Danish companies that handle card data, abide by the PCI standard and as the most Danes' Dankort is today combined with VISA, this card must also abide by the standard.