About Tromborg

About Tromborg

Organic and natural – Balance between beauty and nature – In-house science



Tromborg is a Danish family owned business and was founded in 2003 by Marianne Tromborg, being a coveted makeup artist before starting the company. She has shaped Tromborg based on her own personal and professional approach to beauty. This approach centers around the use of natural therapeutic remedies which are of course all organic – but it’s also about offering products that are easy to use for everyone, especially those with busy schedules, while leaving no doubt about the quality.

Marianne’s husband, biochemist Tim Schyberg, has used his many years of scientific experience from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry – including research and knowledge about skincare – to develop the perfect combination of innovative, active ingredients necessary for a modern, natural and effective product line.


Science Behind Beauty is one of the cornerstones of the Tromborg brand.

The emphasis on science is not just a marketing claim, but something the company has incorporated into its practices as a central tenet of the business. Tim Schyberg leads the in-house research and development that underlie the success of the brand’s skincare and beauty lines, with a particular emphasis on anti-aging innovations. 

Marianne explains: “Tim’s ground-breaking knowledge of ingredients and how to combine them has led to innovative products that prevent signs of aging in the skin, remedy problematic skin and compensate for damages created by the environment. We only build upon the latest cutting-edge technology in anti-aging skincare. Our skincare products are full of the newest technological and innovative power peptides (small chains of amino acids) which will smooth out lines and wrinkles. Bio-magical active ingredients and active plant extracts are the driving forces.” Biointelligence in its most beautiful form. 

These ingredients include organic certified essential oils and wild type extracts from plants as malva, calendula, great mullein and crocus and many others, which efficiently infuse the skin with moisture and energy. These components are combined into products produced responsibly in Denmark where we have our own laboratory, research development and production facilities. Tromborg, spearheading the team of specialists, takes great pride in and feels a duty to ensure high quality. All our organic plant extracts come from organic fields; they are hand-picked and cold-pressed. Only the best ingredients make it into our products, and we follow our plants and herbs from field to production.

We are known for our work with aromatherapy and plant extracts. Many plants have beneficial effects and we apply this to our product innovation. Trust your nose – it will always pick the right fragrance made from the purest organic essential oils and make room for small moments of meditation and self-pampering.

Science & nature – Tim Schyberg and his team create our products by merging the best ingredients with the latest knowledge in skincare science; products that are efficient, easy to use and suited for all types of skin. Danish produced innovative products containing scientifically well documented active ingredients. Tromborg is based on science, but also on a great respect for nature and biodiversity.

My name is on the products – 

and that is a responsibility I take very seriously.