Baked Mineral eyeshadow Metamorphic

Use Anti-Aging Glow Serum as the perfect primer before you apply our Mineral Foundation Favorite with soft circular strokes. The eyebrows are shaped into place with Brow Fix Brown and filled out with Brow Pencil #2. 

Baked Mineral Eye Shadow Metamorphic is applied on the entire eyelid and under the eye with Brush #2; it is placed high towards the brow in a leaf-like shape and is toned into Baked Mineral Eye Shadow Light with a Brush #3. 

In order to keep focus on the eyes the cheeks are simply toned with Blush Vintage – ‘perfect cheekbones in a can’ – and Baked Mineral Silk is applied on the upper cheekbone and along the ridge of the nose as a highlight. 

The lips are primed with Lip Cure before being powdered lightly with Mineral Foundation Favorite.


Baked Mineral Eye Shadow Metamorphic