Bio-active and Bio-magical Mist and Cleansing Gel

Bio-magical active ingredients and organic plant extracts are the driving forces behind Tromborg’s product lines.⁠

Two of the Treatment must-haves for clean, balanced, and moisturized skin.

Biomolecular Destress Peptide Mist ⁠
The bio-magical mist in the TROMBORG Treatment-line packed with phytol, peptides, polysaccharides, high molecular hyaluronic acid, and magical Malva.

Primeval plants in the shape of the finest organic moss will protect your skin against rising temperatures and pollution caused by Global Warming. Supports your skin’s adaption to climate changes while destressing it. Enhances the bio-molecular effect of other Tromborg-products. Increases the ability of bioactive ingredients to absorb into your skin and prolong their effectiveness.

Maintains the health of the skin cell nuclei. Your skin is superbly moisturized and refreshed by the unique hyaluronic acid. Peptides and Malva help minimize wrinkles and have a firming effect. Phytol intensely stimulates the skins’ own production of antioxidants as Superoxide dismutase. Polysaccharides stabilize the skin’s barrier by attracting and storing moisture under its surface.

Use our mist morning and night after cleansing and before moisturizing – or as a “must” during the day.

Biomolecular Messenger Cleansing Gel⁠ ⁠
The first cleansing product in Tromborg Treatment

With the Biomolecular Messenger Cleansing gel, we have used a completely new method to balance the skin microbiome with organic plant cell lysates.

The “skin microbiome”, also called the skin microbiota, is the biodiverse ecosystem on the skin consisting of living biological and physical components that create balance (homeostasis).
Ecological balance or balance in the skin microbiome is one of the key points for beautiful, vital, and healthy skin.

Apply with your fingers and massage into the face, neck, and décolleté with soft, circular motions. Remove with lukewarm water. Finish off with a regular skincare routine. Ideal for all skin types.



Biomolecular Destress Peptide Mist


Biomolecular Messenger Cleansing Gel