Biomolecular Destress Peptide Mist

Biomolecular Destress Peptide Mist – the new bio-magical mist in the TROMBORG Treatment-line packed with phytol, peptides, polysaccharides, high molecular hyaluronic acid and magical Malva.

  • Primeval plants in the shape of the finest organic moss will protect your skin against rising temperatures and pollution caused by Global Warming.
  • Supports your skin’s adaption to climate changes while destressing it.
  • Enhances the bio-molecular effect of other Tromborg-products.
  • Increases the ability of bio-active ingredients to absorb into your skin and prolong their effectiveness.
  • Maintains the health of the skin cell nuclei.
  • Your skin is superbly moisturized and refreshed by the unique hyaluronic acid.
  • Peptides and Malva helps minimize wrinkles and has a firming effect.
  • Phytol intensely stimulates the skins own production of antioxidants as Superoxide dismutase.
  • Polysaccharides stabilizes the skins barrier by attracting and storing moisture under its surface.

Global temperatures today are at a record high. Pollution and toxicity levels are rising which is bad for our environment and our climate – and they have a negative impact on our skin as well. To help fight these serious effects of “modern times” Tromborg launches the new and innovative Biomolecular Destress Peptide Mist.

Climate changes are a result of air pollution, meaning much more dirt in the atmosphere. Climate changes increases the occurrence of blackheads, impurities and clogged pores. High temperatures and the equally high humidity level are bad for our skin; it is simply not used these extremes. Our skin thrives better in a balanced climate in order to avoid dryness, blushing, wrinkles and so on. The Anti-extreme bioactive ingredients in Tromborg’s new bio-magic mist will help remedy this and transfer your skin to its proper climate – and it will thank you for every misty spray.

Global warming creates higher temperatures. Over-exposure to heat can cause an inflammatory reaction which again can lead to uneven pigmentation and premature aging of the skin. When the skin is exposed to extreme temperatures it causes cellular stress. The cell membranes are weakened thus exposing the skin cell causing a series of biochemical functions to be impacted; the cell metabolism is slowed down and the energy centers (the mitochondria) in the cytoplasm is damaged.

The moss in Tromborg’s new mist is a new kind of de-aging – an anti-aging concept that takes the skin cell nuclei into account. The nuclei contain the DNA of the cell and is involved in regulating important cellular processes.

At least 8000 free radicals attack our face on a daily basis causing oxidative stress. Rising temperatures contribute to increase pollutants in the air such as the damaging free radicals. The moss in our mist increases the antioxidant potential of the skin cells to fight oxidative stress. Phytol from the green moss intensely stimulates the skins own production of antioxidants as Superoxide dismutase. The super powerful antioxidant removes damaging free radicals and the creation of thiobarbituric acids reactive substances (TBARS). Oxidative stress in skin cells from reactive oxygen species (ROS) is reduced. The mist helps the skin withstand external attack leaves the skin looking vital and fresh. In other words: The mist provides a super antioxidant protection and helps neutralize free radicals.

Moss is very important in Scandinavia – especially in Denmark in regard to ecology and the micro climate for e.g. a wide range of insects and animals. Forests with moss have a far larger biodiversity than forests where moss can’t grow.

The mosses were some of the first primeval species to inhabit the earth about 540 million years ago; on land and in the water. At that time most lifeforms lived under water, and the mosses have used their extraordinary adaptational abilities to survive during the ages up till today. The new and innovative technology used in Tromborg’s Biomolecular Destress Peptide Mist makes it possible to take advantage of the extremely robust abilities of moss.

The moss activates Lamin A/C (the LMNA-gene) which is responsible for the envelope structure of the nucleus and RANBP17; both genes are downregulated in aging collagen producing cells. The moss supports the skins adjustment to climate impacts as well as strengthens it towards urban aggressors and climate change. It enhances the skins hydration, its protection barriers and homogeneity in just two weeks.

Biomolecular Destress Peptide Mist increases the effect of Tromborg’s other products as the moss enhances their molecular effect. The moss’ fantastic abilities combined with a unique selection of essential oils creates a synergistic effect which results in increased bioactivity.

Another consequence of global warming with rising temperatures is an increase in the amount of pollen. Pollen can cause an “inflammatory response” in our skin, repress the production of collagen and weaken the function of the skin barrier. While it is not possible to control the concentration of pollen-pollution in the air, you can protect your skin – and our mist is good place to start. Combined with your ordinary skincare from Tromborg you can curb the negative effects pollen has on your skin while gaining all the great and nourishing benefits.

High-molecular hyaluronic acid is yet another active ingredient in our mist. Designed to absorb into the skin immediately without just settling on the surface – furthermore it retains water up to a thousand times its own weight which makes it the optimal moisturizer.

Peptides and Malva – also found in other Tromborg products – help minimize wrinkles and have a firming effect on your skin.

A complex mixture of polysaccharides, achieved by enzyme treatment of natural sugar, attracts and stores moisture in the skin. Moisture is absorbed into and under the skins surface while the effect of the other active ingredients is reinforced by enhancing their solubility.

When our skin is exposed to heat, skin cells respond with some special proteins called Heat Shock-proteins, as a sort of defense. Tromborg’s new mist stimulates the expression of these proteins, which create protection against steadily changing temperatures. Heat Shock-proteins also take part in launching biochemical repair mechanisms and thereby reduces damages to the skin cells and the nuclei.

Use our mist morning and night after cleansing and before moisturizing – or as a “must” during the day.


Biomolecular Destress Peptide Mist