Mascara exists to underline the eye, make it brighter, and make the colour of the eye clearer.

You can “raise” a drooping eye, make an eye bigger, have a protruding eye seem smaller etc. –mascara is simply the finishing touch. Even on its own, without any other makeup, it changes the face significantly – a significant improvement!

It makes a morning-tired face wake up, and if you do not like coloured mascara, a clear variety is still an improvement.

Bring out your eyes, by making them more intense with several thin layers of mascara – not one thick layer. Start at the roots of the lashes, and lead the mascara sideways back and forth. Then carefully pull it out, mostly on the lashes in the outer corner of the eye; it creates a cat look.

To avoid having your mascara dry out, you must turn the brush lightly around, before you apply, instead of pumping it up and down in the container, which leaves a lot of air.

For a drooping eye with heavy eyelids: Use plenty of mascara on the upper, outer part, and just a little in the center of the lower lashes.

Big, slightly protruding eyes: Only use mascara on the upper lashes, with focus on the outer lashes.

If you feel it is too bare, then use a little brown or perhaps a clear mascara on the lower lashes.

If you have smudges underneath or over the eyes, you can easily dab them away with a Q-tip applied with a little Herbal Cleansing Water – without destroying the makeup.


Mascara Black