About Tromborg

About Tromborg

Organic and natural – Balance between beauty and nature – In-house science

I created Tromborg from my personal philosophy about beauty: It should be easy and manageable to look good – and preferably in no time. Most of us live busy lives, which only leave stolen moments for self-indulgence; precious moments which you need to make the most of, instead of wasting time and energy on obscure product choices or cryptic product information.

The brand, Tromborg, stands for modern values and it communicates reflections on life-style, aesthetics, beauty and wellness.

Finding one’s personal favorite skincare-product shouldn’t be ‘rocket science’ – but trusting what it contains is nonetheless of great importance. All our plant extracts come from organic fields; they are hand-picked and cold pressed.  Only the best ingredients make it into our products, and we follow our plants and herbs from field to production.

We use certified organic essential oils and plant extracts from e.g. Malva, Calendula, Passionflower and Pomegranate and many others which efficiently and easily infuses the skin with moisture and energy.

Our in-house biochemist, Tim Schyberg and his team create our products by merging  the best ingredients with the latest knowledge in skincare science; products, that are efficient, easy to use and suited for all types of skin.

Danish produced innovative products containing scientifically well-documented active ingredients.

Tromborg Professional Make Up is structured so everything works together – securing a flawless result every time.

In my 20 years as a makeup-artist, my main principle has been “less is more” which is why you won’t find an abundance of colors to choose between. I have a professional’s approach to looking great in no time, and my style is creating an attractive and natural look for all age-groups.

Tromborg Professional Make Up is based on minerals of the purest and best quality, gently processed to obtain the optimal product; they all work together and are light and transparent in both color and texture – you simply can’t fail with this line.

Tromborg Treatment is in sync with my principle about our daily skincare-routine being kept simple and wellness-orientated.

Science Behind Beauty is one of the cornerstones of the Tromborg brand. Our products contain well-documented active ingredients and are produced in our own laboratory in Denmark.

We conduct our own research and development in-house: As part of Tromborg we have biochemist CSO, Chief Scientific Officer Tim Schyberg and his team. Tim’s ground-breaking knowledge of ingredients and how to combine them has led to innovative products which prevent signs of aging in the skin, remedy problematic skin and compensate for damages created by the environment.

We only build upon the latest cutting-edge technology in anti-aging skincare. Our skincare products are full of the newest technological and innovative peptides (small chains of amino acids) which will smooth out lines and wrinkles. Bio-magical active ingredients and active plant extracts are the driving force.

Tromborg Treatment is a problem-solving line which meets demands for all age-groups and any type of skin.

Tromborg Beauty of North is our exclusive line and is nature in its ultimate consequence. With this line we have taken a step beyond organic by using wild plants which are far more nutritious than cultivated plants; experience a new dimension of plant-extracts and an abundance of highly potent and innovative, bioactive ingredients in these groundbreaking formulas in modern skincare.

Tromborg Scandinavian Mood is our line for your daily care and self-indulgence routines; it covers everything from face care, sun protection, body care to makeup removal. This line is your ticket to a sense of natural well-being through a fragrant universe of essential oils and their aroma-therapeutic effect, which will care for and de-stress your skin.

I create all our fragrances myself, and I use only the purest organic essential oils.

Trust your nose – it will always pick the right fragrance for your needs and make room for small moments of meditation.

Tromborg strives to create products that are easy to use, gentle yet effective and suited for all skin types.

My name is on the products – and that is a responsibility I take very seriously.


Marianne Tromborg