Healing Gel Aloe Vera for both body and face. For centuries, aloe vera has been known as the medicine plant. It has a cooling, healing, and an amazing refreshing effect.

Healing Gel Aloe Vera can be used as aftersun – it sooths incredibly, and moisturizes the skin at the same time, after a long day in the sun.

You can also use it as a tranquilizing and emollient “base”, before applying cream.

Aloe vera is gentle, comfortable, and efficient against small cuts, rashes, and sun burns. Ideal for sensitive and oily skin. An amazing moisturizer.

Tromborg has aloe vera imported from a bio dynamic ranch, where the leaves of the plant are hand picked and then cold pressed to extract the juice. As a result, it is a thoroughly appealing and bio dynamic aloe vera Tromborg uses in Healing Gel Aloe Vera.

For great moisture to the skin after a day in the sun, we recommend using Healing Gel Aloe Vera with Facial Mist Calendula Water. These two products in unison, provides optimal care after sun.

Both products are great for delicate and sensitive skin, and they are perfect as aftersun – for both body and face.

Rub Healing Gel Aloe Vera onto your body and face, and then spray with Facial Mist Calendula Water – it leaves your skin fresh, vital, and calm.


Aloe Vera Gel