Signature look

The best basis for a great makeup is thoroughly hydrated skin. Begin with Anti-Aging Glow Serum which keeps your skin in perfect shape and simultaneously works as a good primer; it minimizes the pores, hydrates and lends your skin resilience. Then you apply our beautiful Mineral Foundation with the Kabuki Brush in soft, circular movements – use small amounts until you achieve the perfect result. Use Brow Fix Clear or Brown to shape your eyebrows; it will keep them perfectly shaped all day.

Blush Vintage – we call it ‘cheekbones in a jar’ – is applied from the middle of your ear down towards the mouth; it creates the most beautiful shadow effect and is a fantastic ‘shaper’ for your face: Easy and natural.

Then you apply Eye Shadow Velvet on the whole eyelid – below the globe line – with our Brush #3, a vegan brush perfectly cut and made from the finest synthetic hair. Eye Shadow Velvet is an all-round eyeshadow, it fits all and accentuates your natural eye color; it can also be applied under the eye for a more intense look.

Use Baked Mineral Silk on the upper parts of your face (in a C-shape) from the eye area and on the cheekbones; it can also be used in the inner area between your eye and your nose for a ‘freshen up’.

Use Mascara Black on the eyelashes – beginning with a small amount on the middle lashes and ending with full focus on the outer lashes which creates a beautiful almond shape and tilts your eyes upwards.

Finish off your look by using the natural Lipstick Ketu; it has the most beautiful beige/rose shade, it moisturizes and looks great on everyone.

Mineral Foundation Vanilla


Blush Vintage


Eye Shadow Velvet


Brow Fix Brown


Volume Mascara Black


Lipstick Ketu


Deluxe Kabuki Brush