A good makeup, starts by having the skin look nice – to have the basics in order.

Here, foundation is the key word. The purpose of it is that the face must appear smooth and delicious, without too many colour leaps, as spots, red bursts, etc. If nature has not provided you with a clear complexion, and most have not been so lucky, then you must help it on its way with something covering. If the skin is gorgeous and inviting, then all makeup look delightful.

The prerequisite for a foundation to be applied evenly and look natural, is that you have a good skin care routine, and that there are no dead skin cells and dry, coarse areas that could have been removed with creams and masks. Even if you have been through your daily morning routine, and have used cream once, it is a good idea to add extra moisture with a facial water, before applying foundation.



Is, in my opinion, the loveliest trend on the market today, and it has never been easier.

It is an amazing foundation, made as a powder, which works as a fine layer of perfect skin, and leaves the skin un-made-up with a natural glow. It is incredibly easy to use, and suits all skin tones and types. It is a living foundation with a glow, so if you prefer a more matte surface, you can use Mineral Pressed Powder as a finish. Tromborg’s solid Mineral Pressed Powder is also an amazing supplement to carry in your bag, as an example.

Tromborg’s Mineral Foundation is 100 % natural, is completely free of preservatives, and has been made with the best processing of the minerals. It is also suitable for problem skin, as it, with its content of minerals, heals. Concealer, foundation, and powder in one – a makeup that is great for your skin, oil free, and feels completely weightless.

Mineral Foundation has an extremely low risk of causing allergies. It does not clog the pores, and no perfume nor artificial colouring have been added. Contains physical sun filter factor 15.

Is applied with the Kabuki Brush.

Only use a small amount – it is better to sprinkle a little extra into the sink than onto your skin.


Mineral Foundation Favourite