News! Aroma Therapy Hair Styling Cream

A natural, organic and aromatic styling cream which gives your hair great shine and a unique look.

Tromborg’s Aroma Therapy Hair Styling Cream adds volume and structure while enhancing your hair’s natural shine.

The creamy texture makes it easy to use and easy to rinse out again. The styling cream is suited for both short and long hair – all genders and all types of hair.

Aroma Therapy Hair Styling Cream is enriched with the finest bioactive essential oils and plant extracts designed to give your hair body and shine in a non-greasy way.

Nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals all protect your hair while controlling the expotion to static electricity.

The styling cream also contains Ricinoleic acid oil which helps balance the Ph value in your scalp.

Ricinoleic acid oil is rich on antioxidants which supports the hair’s keratin, making it smoother, stronger and less frizzy; the tensile strength of the hair is increased thus making it less prone to split and break. Due to the oil’s light texture it easily penetrates each strand of hair where it helps to preserve moisture.

The fatty acids in Ricinoleic oil also creates a protecting layer to your hair which helps prevent sun damage and loss of color.

Some other great ingredients in Tromborg’s Aroma Therapy Hair Styling Cream are:

– Shea butter, which with its high concentration of Vitamin A and E, essential fatty acids, cinnamon esters, minerals and other nutrients works its magic to moisture and protect your hair. Especially the essential fatty acids in shea butter, consisting of linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid will calm, moisten and balance your hair.

– Grapefruit extract, which with its abundance of Vitamin B1 and flavonoids improves the natural flavonoids to your hair and scalp. In addition, the content of antioxidants and Vitamin C in grapefruit extract protects your hair and scalp against oxidative stress, resulting in a stronger and healthier hair.

– Olive oil, which its favorable content of Vitamin E and , omega 3 & 6, and iron contributes to an altogether healthier hair.

– Kukui oil, known to be the natural “moisture magnet”, due to its high content of linoleic- and linolenic acid. In addition, kukui oil contains antioxidants, Vitamin A and C and other fatty acids which enhances a soft, healthy hair while moisturizing your scalp.

Aroma Therapy Hair Styling Cream is an easy and natural solution for styling while keeping your hair strong, healthy and beautiful.


Aroma Therapy Hair Styling Cream