Aroma Therapy Body Lotion 15th Anniversary


Vores magiske fugtgiver er kommet på pumpe med vores 15års jubilæums duft. 
Flødeskum og fløjl for både sanser og hud – Aroma Therapy Body Lotion er en fuldendt fugtgiver. Skønne økologiske ingredienser så som macadamianød, aloe vera, shea butter, camille og calendula, for blot at nævne nogle, sørger for at holde huden i topform. 

De æteriske olier bibringer en lækker aroma og får huden til at fremstå opløftet og silkeblød. 
Ved daglig brug er resultatet en spændstig blød og strålende hud. 

Den perfekte creme til kroppen der fugter og efterlader huden blød og frisk – en ren luksus for kroppen og sanserne. 200 ml.


380,00 DKK

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Aroma Therapy Bath & Shower 15th Anniversary


Aromaterapien virker ved anvendelse af udvalgte æteriske olier. Aroma betyder duft- og terapi betyder behandling. 
Tromborgs Aroma Therapy Bath & Shower Wash er et luksus produkt, der tilfører kroppen fugt ud over at vaske skånsomt.
Kan anvendes såvel i karbad som på svamp/vaskeklud under bruseren. Doseres efter behov og humør, men ca. 2-3 kapselfulde.

Jernurt og mynte: Virker begge opfriskende og stimulerende - Mandarin er en mild olie der virker beroligende og er fin frugt og blomsteragtig i sit udtryk og er et fantastisk modspil til jernurten og mynten. 200 ml.


190,00 DKK

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Aroma Therapy Deluxe Soap 15th anniversary


Marianne Tromborg is the person behind the fragrance of the coveted products.

Marianne gets her inspiration, from the amazing nature that we are surrounded by in the Nordic habitat.

This has inspired Tromborg to come with a jubilee edition of our beloved hand soap, which was one of the first products we launched. Filled with magic wild herbs from among others Iron and mint - iron herb seems energising, boosting and stimulating - mint is known as an aromatic stimulus and culinary spice. We love working with edible herbs.

Plantepower at its best. Moisturizing, softening and aromatherapeutic.


95,00 DKK

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New Tromborg brushes #1 #2 #3 #4 #5


The key to a beautiful makeup is first of all perfect tools.

The new Tromborg brushes will give you a flawless result every time!

All vegan.


140,00 DKK

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Nail Polish #15 DEK KVIN


The most beautiful coral shades are perfect for summer festivals.
Pamper your hands and feet with the most beautiful summer blow to the nails.


170,00 DKK

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Aroma Therapy Conditioner Hair Cure


New Aroma Therapy Conditioner Hair Cure - ecology at the top

After shampooing, it is very important that the hair is added with nutrients that protect the hair while the hair is preserved with freshness and vitality.

Contains oligopeptides extracted from the seeds of the carob tree – also known as St John’s-bread. The oligopeptides are integrated into a matrix formula – a three-dimensional network that allows for a continuous dosing of the peptides for a long-lasting effect. Protects the hair fibres, strengthens and prevents splits and breaking. Improves the elasticity and resistance – the fibres regain their integrity. Anti-frizz effect. 

Extract from alga recreates the natural appearance of the hair by penetrating the ortho cortex and repairing damages caused by external factors. Restores the keratin fibres, protects the hair against excessive heat and enhances the hair’s natural glow. 

Silk proteins create a natural protective coating on the surface of the hair to reduce moisture loss. Has a calming effect.

Aroma Therapy Conditioning Hair Cure is gently added essential oils that work refreshing and stimulating for hair and scalp. Use after shampooing and let sit about 2-5 min. Rinse thoroughly. The hair is left soft and shiny and without static electricity.

For optimal organic and natural care of the hair used Tromborg Aroma Therapy Conditioner Hair Cure with Herbal & Vitamin Shampoo or Shine & Repair Shampoo. 200 ml.


190,00 DKK

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Anti-Aging Molecular Messenger Cream



To achieve maximal anti-aging effect, eleven different peptides with various biological activities have been added. 

The cream contains a cyclopeptide that decreases visible signs of wrinkles, adding flexibility 
and elasticity. The cyclic structure of the peptide makes it the best fit for the key and lock model.

This revolutionary peptide, displays a high level of selective bonding with some receptors, such as the integrins of alphavbeta5 and alphavbeta6. In this way, it operates as messengers, communicating between the skin cells while increasing their repair. 

Integrins bind themselves to components of ECM (the extra cellular matrix), such as fibronectin, vitronectin, collagen, and laminin. The integrins are responsible for the transmission of signals between the skin cells, and their surrounding environment of skin layers. 

Thus, containing selective activity, they represent a new effective dimension to anti-aging skin care.

50 ml.


2.650,00 DKK

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Aroma Therapy Body Oil


The purest, most hydrating Macadamia Nut Oil and Sesame Oil combined with the most pleasing essential oils… all organic of course! Aroma Therapy Body Oil is a truly versatile product. Use it as the perfect massage oil, pour it into the bath for a relaxing soak or use alone as a super-hydrating body treatment.

Grape-Ginger-Rose Tree
The most amazing combination of scents! Grapefruit is uplifting and encouraging, just as it is beneficial for oily skin and acne – and for stretch marks, too. Ginger has a stimulating, revitalizing effect and strengthens the nerves. Rose hydrates, calms and strengthens dry and sensitive skin.

Lavender-Rose Tree
Relaxing, reassuring, good for insomnia, it has a soothing effect and promotes a feeling of peace of mind. Fantastic for a facial massage and for sensitive skin.

Relaxing, calming, soothing, sensuous, an aphrodisiac, releases tension and a feeling of restlessness and stress as a
consequence of insomnia. 100 ml.


380,00 DKK

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