Tromborg’s facial sun cream, is made of the same wonderful organic ingredients as our regular sun creams – among these; kukui oil, pomegranate, aloe vera, and glycerin for a healing, moisturizing, and nourishing effect.

In addition, the face sun cream contains the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), which repairs the skin cells, and reduces the damages they get that are caused by the free radical super oxide – the most common free radical that attacks our skin.

SOD exists naturally in the upper and lower skin layers (epidermis and dermis), and protects the fibro blasters – small factory cells, which ensures the production of the most vital skin components, as, among others, collagen and elastin, for the regeneration of healthy skin. SOD is the world’s most powerful antioxidant for neutralizing free radicals, thereby preventing wrinkles in the skin.

SOD is anti-aging at the highest level, and added to Deluxe Face Sun Protection for optimal protection, as the amount of SOD drops in our skin, while the amount of free radicals rises when we age (sun is a contributing factor of this).

Contains both UVA and UVB filters for optimal protection.

The unique combination of magical ingredients, efficiency, and simplicity, make Tromborg’s Deluxe Face Sun Protection suitable for use in direct sun light (avoid direct sun light between 12 and 15), and for regular use outdoors on a daily basis. Gentle and suitable for sensitive skin.


Deluxe Face Sun Protection SPF 20